Women Filmmakers Collection

Women Filmmakers Collection

Featuring films directed and/or produced by women. This featured collection has been graciously presented by Indy Maven.

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Women Filmmakers Collection
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to the Dollhouse explores the societal rules and expectations of how women celebrate their bodies and how they use them to show love and power. As the Disdress Dolls shimmy, shake, and strip their way across the stage, they challenge concepts of power and femininity. By offering a vulnera...

  • Last Year at the Crossing

    The story of four at-risk teens struggling at a last chance high school in Indiana, and their dedicated school administrator who holds out hope that they can succeed.

  • Kawergosk: Home Made of Cloth

    After fleeing war in Syria and crossing the border into Kurdistan Region, Iraq, Syrian Kurds attempt to build a life in Kawergosk Refugee Camp. Music, food, and education provide families some comfort and meaning while they struggle with camp conditions and the persistence of waiting. Kawergosk: ...

  • Take Life As It Comes

    This is Nelly Scott-Neiderberger, a charming 88-year-old Swiss woman who has a big story to tell.

    Official Selection at the Switzerland International Film Festival, 2020

    Starring Nelly Scott-Neiderberger
    Carmen Vincent, Director/Producer/Camera/Editor
    Evan Knowles, Production Assistant

  • Grateful: The Jenni Berebitsky Story

    Jenni Berebitsky (z”l) faced a dire prognosis with gratitude, courage, honesty, and humor. Supporting Jenni is her “Village” -- family members and a large group of volunteers. Through her actions, words, and a beautiful smile Jenni shows us how to live an engaging, productive, and meaningful life...

  • 50 Little Birds

    A short documentary about Indiana-based folk artist Geoff Davis. As an artist, Geoff finds ways to translate his experiences in nature into his art. His long canoe journeys provide him inspiration, connecting with the wildlife that eventually become delicate wood carvings. But Geoff is seeking mo...

  • Braided With The Current

    Braided with the Current by Katelyn Calhoun and Hannah Hodges looks at some of the historical uses of the river then spends time with young people who live on the river and/or who study its environmental conditions. Through the characters in the film, we learn about some of the factors impacting ...

  • From Sundown to Sunrise

    Trace one man’s journey from sundown to sunrise as he and his family integrate an all-white Indiana town in 1968. By breaking the color barrier, they also helped transform the town and place it on a trajectory of inclusion.

    In this film, you’ll hear the use of racial epithets as people recall in...

  • Black Unscripted

    Told through the personal stories of five individuals, Black Unscripted is a fearless
    exploration of the way America’s need to define blackness has challenged the identity of an
    entire community

  • Food First

    Attitudes about food are changing nationally. People are becoming selective about where they get their food, taking a stand against mass food production and working together to solve food access issues. Farmers’ markets, alternative food stores and expanded restaurant choices are popping up every...

  • Snag in the Plan

    10 to 15 years ago when biologists caught and tracked bats in Southern Indiana, for every three bats captured, one was a northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis). Now, scientists are lucky to find one or two during a week-long search. In July 2019, researchers went looking for the norther...

  • Live Adventurously

    "Live Adventurously" is an award-winning documentary film following the women who won the inaugural DNK Presents Women's Adventure Giveaway. Four lucky women were chosen to win a backcountry wilderness adventure, disconnected from technology they lived off the grid together where they discovered ...