Winter Lineup Collection

Winter Lineup Collection

The Winter Lineup collection, featuring recently added films. This featured collection has been graciously presented by INDIANA OWNED.

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Winter Lineup Collection
  • Worth The Wait

    Coach Yeagley turns the Indiana University Intramural Soccer team into the power house it is today.

  • The Jewel of Richmond

    Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church, an Indiana landmark celebrated for its architecture and Tiffany stained glass, was forced to close, and now the building’s future is uncertain.

  • Wild Winds: Spirit of the Bison

    Over 30 years ago, Dr. John Trippy, set out to achieve his life long dream of preserving North American culture through the bison. Now Wild Winds buffalo preserve is home to over 250 of these free roaming animals. In this short documentary film, the caretakers for the bison tell the stories of th...

  • The Aviators: A Father/Son Story

    After tragedy strikes, a son seeks to connect with his father through the joy of flight.

  • The Bladesmith

    A bladesmith in Anderson, Indiana explains how he got his start making knives for movies and collectors.

  • Last Year at the Crossing

    The story of four at-risk teens struggling at a last chance high school in Indiana, and their dedicated school administrator who holds out hope that they can succeed.

  • Cos Wars: More Than a Hobby

    Two avid Star Wars fans live out their love of the franchise through costuming.

    Winner of the Crystal Pillar for student production from the Lower Great Lakes Emmy organization. Also screened at the Lake George Film Festival and Hoosierdance Film Festival.

  • Counting the Cost

    A mother recollects her family's experience in leaving an Amish community.

  • MTXE: Mental Toughness Xtra Effort

    Two Warren Central high school wrestlers talk about their lives and the challenges they face beyond the mat that have made them the men they are today.

  • 20 Over

    Star track athlete Noah Malone was only in middle school when he began developing a rare eye disease that eventually left him legally blind. Amidst these difficult circumstances, Noah pursues greater achievements and continues to break down barriers.

  • Nurk

    A portrait of Professional Drone Racer, Paul Nurkkala.

  • Time to Heal

    Jeri Hall sent a message to her daughter one evening stating “I’m going on a vent. I love you.” As of June 2021, there have been over 30 million cases of COVID in the United States. Time to Heal tells a story of just one of those cases.

  • Black Baseball in Indiana

    Black Baseball in Indiana is a documentary film celebrating the history of African American involvement in segregated professional baseball (1880s-1950s).

    The film features interviews with Negro Leagues players and historians telling the unsung stories of the Indianapolis ABCs, Indianapolis Clo...

  • Indy Creatives: Meredith Brickell

    Indy Creatives: Meredith Brickell is an artist living in the Indianapolis area.

    Meredith's website:

    The Indy Creatives project was started to help highlight the talented creatives living in the Indianapolis area... hence the name!

    by Kurtis Bowersock

  • Indy Creatives: Elle Roberts

    Elle Roberts is a Near-Eastside resident and artist in Indianapolis.

    Find out more about her work at

    by Kurtis Bowersock

  • Indy Creatives: Ryan Hunley

    Ryan Hunley is designer in downtown Indianapolis.
    Check him out at:

    Indy Creatives is a series of short documentaries highlighting artistic people in the Indianapolis area.

    By Kurtis Bowersock

  • Indy Creatives: Jingo

    Indy Creatives: Jingo De la Rosa is an Illustrator living in Indianapolis, IN.
    View his website:
    Follow him on Instagram:

    The Indy Creatives project was started to help highlight the talented creatives living in the Indianapolis area... hence the name!

    by ...