Race & Culture Collection

Race & Culture Collection

Featuring individuals and filmmakers from a variety of races and cultures. This featured collection has been graciously presented by Indiana Humanities.

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Race & Culture Collection
  • Vital Passage: A Holocaust Rescue Story

    ‘Vital Passage’ chronicles a pair of midwestern Jewish merchants’ amazing story as they risked their business and livelihood to provide a vital passage for German Jews to escape the Holocaust and come to America.

    For 85 years (1906 through 1991) Plaut’s Dry Goods store was a fixture on Goshen’s ...

  • Black Baseball in Indiana

    Black Baseball in Indiana is a documentary film celebrating the history of African American involvement in segregated professional baseball (1880s-1950s).

    The film features interviews with Negro Leagues players and historians telling the unsung stories of the Indianapolis ABCs, Indianapolis Clo...

  • Black Unscripted

    Told through the personal stories of five individuals, Black Unscripted is a fearless
    exploration of the way America’s need to define blackness has challenged the identity of an
    entire community

  • Our Story: Once The Doors Opened

  • If Not Now, Then When?

    Some people feel like the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's was a long time ago. It wasn't. The fight still rages on in the year of 2020 with many changes still not happening. If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

    Winner Best Documentary Short Film
    Screen Power Film Festival 2020

  • To Be Black: A Celebration of Black Voices - Quentessa Williams

    Tocarra chats with Quentessa Williams, a mother, pastor, and education advocate, about her family, raising children in modern America, mental health, and finding joy through faith and music.

  • To Be Black: A Celebration of Black Voices - Devon Ginn

    Tocarra is joined by curator and poet Devon Ginn to talk about the legacy of Madam CJ Walker, expression through poetry, meditation and self-care.

  • To Be Black: A Celebration of Black Voices - Tiffany Dow

    Education advocate and mother, Tiffany Dow, joins Tocarra to discuss equity and accessibility in education, school choice, and cheesy disaster movies.

  • When We Were Syrian: Early Lebanese in Indianapolis

    In a self-narrative search, filmmaker Josh Chitwood pieces together his fragmented Syrian-Lebanese heritage in Indianapolis. In his findings, he explores the ingredients of his own family’s identity and discovers the assimilating tale of early Arabs in America.

    Written and directed by Josh Chitw...

  • Raised In Contrast

    A look at the experiences of mixed-race and non-white Hoosiers who live in rural and suburban communities. 

  • Larry from Gary

    A dedicated dance teacher continues inspiring his current and former students even after the arts high school in Gary, Indiana where he's taught for decades is shut down by the state.

    By seeing a person who's devoted his life to teaching have to leave his position because of the financial crisi...

  • Finding Hygge

    Hygge, the Danish art of creating joy and coziness in life's everyday moments, has exploded in popularity amidst growing division and distrust around the world. But finding hygge in one's own life can be more complicated that it seems. This globe-trotting film presents a surprising, funny, and of...

  • From Sundown to Sunrise

    Trace one man’s journey from sundown to sunrise as he and his family integrate an all-white Indiana town in 1968. By breaking the color barrier, they also helped transform the town and place it on a trajectory of inclusion.

    In this film, you’ll hear the use of racial epithets as people recall in...

  • In Closing

    American film director Ira Mallory explores the closing of Broad Ripple High School and its legacy in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2018, the announcement that four potential public high schools in Indianapolis may close sparks widespread outcry. Among the schools slated for closing is Broad Ripple H...